About 2A2S

The African Association of Sport Sciences (2A2S) was founded in June 2013 (June,3th, 2013; Journal Officiel Français (JO) 145èmeannée – N° 25 – June 22th, 2013).download

It is a non-profit organization composed of professionals, academics and scientists interested and involved in sport scientific research at the African and international levels.

The aims of 2A2S:

– To develop and enhance research in sport and exercise sciences

– To disseminate cutting edge information from sport science studies

– To promote and maintain cooperation with corresponding international associations and organizations (e.g.,ACAPS, ECSS…)

– To organize scientific meetings and conferences

– To support students and young researchers from Africa

– To provide evidence and science-based tools for health and fitness professionals

– To promote African Journal of Sport Science (AJSS)